Oil spill cleanup and Remediation services


It is without a doubt that oil spill still poses one of the biggest challenges to the oil industry when and if it happens. Its effect n terms of cost towards clean up sets any organization back considerably. We undertake cleaning and remediation of environments by introducing our tested and proven One-Stop-Solution to oil spill, invasive plant control and remediation of soil and water. Our latest innovation in environmental solutions, provides a safer and more effective way of containing and cleaning up oil spills, both on harbour and at sea,

It is a cost-effective, high quality tools and accessories that is able to deal with the multiple scenarios resulting from oil spills. However, the goal is to not only deal with oil pollution within water bodies, but also begin repairing the creeks, river banks, land masses and vegetation affected by the pollution.

Also, invasive plants or weed such as Water Hyacinth, infestation of the country's inland waters is increasing at an alarming proportion hence it has become imperative that this ugly the trend has to be stopped. To This end, we are delighted to introduce the hovercraft; this being the first hovercraft of its kind that has been specifically designed to mechanically cut and collect invasive species and weed, which can then be used as biomass for waste to energy projects for the local community.

To deal with riverbanks and land pollution, we have the Sorbso; a chemically modified cellulose fibre-like material that absorbs oil and grease from land and river banks. It can be spread using the hovercraft. n addition to the clean-up of oll, the resultant product can be compressed, the oil squeezed out and then 80% of the recovered oil can be reused. The The remaining solid core can also be reused as a Biomass base. Biomass being a high value product with huge demand in an energy hungry global market and will return around twice the value of recovered oil

In over 7 years, the consortium of Ellouray, IOH-Consulting has built a reputation for consistent, seamless delivery of innovative environmental solutions that is unmatched within the industry in the United Kingdom, USA, and the world at large. Our substantial Continuous investment in research & development has led to our companies evolving to become second to none in environmental solutions. This research allows us to create cost- effective solution tailored to your unique environment and business challenges that will result in value added and monetary return on investment (ROI) within faster than imagined.

Construction & Maintenance


Ellouray is a well-established contracting company that has provided turnkey building solutions to public and private sector clients across the country for the past Nineteen years with an exceptional service offering that is founded on values such as honesty, reliability and quality.

We have eared a reputation as the trusted contractor for building construction and maintenance, plumbing and shop fitting projects of all types. From new structures - commercial, industrial and residential, to restorations of heritage buildings, we are the best option regardless of the nature or requirements of a project.

As a closely-knit family-managed company, our clients can be assured of the constant supervision of their project by a company owner who is available at every stage to provide constant feedback and to ensure that any issues that arise are dealt with speedily. We retain personnel in every part of a project so that its unique safety, quality and time requirements are always met.